AMTRON® Premium E 22 C2

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The AMTRON Premium impresses with its network capabilities and easy access control via RFID and is therefore mainly used in semi-public areas, for example in companies. Various users can be created and managed via the free MENNEKES Charge App. Benefit from the AMTRON® Wallbox, which combines design with functionality and thus achieves an unprecedented level of operating comfort, equipment and safety.

ca. 12-16 weeks delivery 1 year warranty

Product information

The AMTRON Premium E 22 C2 is a three-phase 22 kW charging station with a fixed cable of 7.5 m equipped with a type 2 coupling. The AMTRON has an externally calibrated digital kWh counter and an RFID badge reader. This device can be used as an independent device, whereby up to 98 RFID badges can be managed via the free Mennekes charge app on a smartphone (Android and IOS). Communication can be done via a WiFi access point, over your own network via LAN or WLAN.
The loading history is available as a CSV file via the app.
If it is linked to a Mennekes e-mobility Gateway, the AMTRON Premium can also be linked to an operator for public operation.



1-phase or 3-phase

Max. load



Charge App Mennekes

Mennekes Charge app

System status display

Remote control, Time-dependent charging, Net-controlled charging

Home Energy Management

Whitelist management for RFID cards


Status information

LED indication

Stop push button



Yes calibrated

Vehicle communication

IEC 61851-1 Mode 3

Product color

silver (RAL 9006)

Housing material


Dimensions (H x W x D)

475 x 259 x 220 mm

Impact resistance


Protection degree


Network link

via RS485 to eMobility gateway
via RS485 to Smart Charging Systems
via LAN over the home network to the Charge App
via WLAN via the Access Point to the Charge App
via WLAN over the home network to the Charge App
via LAN to the external Energy Management System

Interface backend communication

via Charging systems Smart (via RS485)
via external gateway (via RS485)
via LAN


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